PATCHY Patchy silicone mold - Prägebuchstaben Set

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Patchy silicone mold - Prägebuchstaben Set,


Letter embossers - Your clever helper for decorating sweets and handicrafts

With this set you get the ability to easily and rapidly to make decorations from molding compositions in the food and craft area.

Become your own pastry chef and surprise your loved ones with sweet delights that you have provided with creative decorations that there are so a second time.

In the food industry the letter Präger is suitable for example for molding materials such as marzipan, fondant and batter! And in the craft area you can use it for example for Pardo clay!

The letter embossers are food safe. For hygienic reasons, we advise you to use one and the same set either for decorating food or craft area. If you want to be active in both segments, it would be better to use 2 separate sets.

To work with the letter-peen

Rinse the product before use. Then cut only the letters and numbers with scissors apart. The items are very small. Make sure that the parts are not swallowed. The kit is not suitable for children under 14 years.

Then push the individual letters, numbers or symbols in the side rail placement (please use a mirror image).

Then place the finished set rail on the ground, you want to shape and push gently and evenly on the rail. Then stand back and process the molding composition further depending on the application.

Wash immediately after use. Only if the items are completely dry, store. Do not dry in the oven or over an open flame.

Get the letter Präger right here quite comfortably on the Internet!

Scope of supply:

The kit contains:
1x rail to place the letters, about 18 x 128 mm
1x letters and numbers (1x rail to set / 55 x letters / numbers 18x / 1x Cutter)
1x Cutter square wave edge, ca.58 x 58mm

Happy crafting!

HERE you will find even more of patchy and Pardo

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