GIESSFORM / MOLDS ACCESOIRES Mold: full form of stars, 8x8x2, 5cm, 6 pcs.

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Full form of stars, 8x8x2, 5cm, 6 pcs.

Material Requirements 300 g Keraquick light, odorless and easy to use.

Ceramic powder for casting relief forms.

Odorless and easy to use.

Is sounding hard.

Keraquick hervorragfend light is suitable for all KnorrPrandell-casting molds.

Approximately 60 minutes after casting can be removed from the solidified casting from the mold. In dry storage about 1-2 years preserved. Pour 3 parts keraquick light sprinkle in 1 part water. Mass stir well. Be a part of the mold and spread with a brush in the shape, thus can not incur any bubbles. Then fill the mold quickly and smooth casting shake up. Paint: These are acrylic paints.

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