Kinder Bastelsets / Kids Craft Kits Acrylic Pendants, different designs

Kinder Bastelsets / Kids Craft Kits
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Acrylic Pendants, different designs to choose from Here

With acrylic pendants can be beautiful mobiles and beautiful window decorations make. The funny motifs show mostly animals from the open sea, the peaceful farm and the blue sky.

TIP: The colorful pendants can
brought as a small gift
or children's birthday com-
sam be tinkered.


Decorate a selected motif with the handy 3D Glasdecor pens in your
Desired colors. The clearly visible subdivision of the subject by black contours
and the wells simplify the coloring.

The applied color is automatically in the individual chambers. After 2-3 hours, the color is strong enough for a mobile or window decorations.
The paint to cure for at least 24 hours, if the final design should be washable.

Ideal for children's crafts, children's birthday or as a little gift idea.
Childlike, cheerful motifs of farm, about Dinosauris to marine animals.
Easy ausmalbar with the handy 3-D Glasdecor pen.
In scene are depressions, so as automatically flows the color here in the separated surfaces.
Highly visible Under division of the subject by black contours.

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