FOFUCHA Fofucha Gothic Girl Craft Kit, 30 cm, 49 parts

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Fofucha Gothic Girl


30 cm

49 parts

May we introduce? Our newest member of the Fofuchas by Efco family:

Our Gothic Girl - in black and purple, glamorous clothed with power and rivets

The figure is about 30 cm tall.

Craft sheets, instructions, stickers


Aluminum wire, 2 mm 4 pcs à 13 cm \ n1014504 Styrofoam balls, 2 pcs 4cm
Styrofoam ball, 5 cm 3 pcs
Styrofoam ball, 6 cm 1 pcs
Rivets 30 pcs
Tulle 100 mm, black 3 m
Tulle 100 mm, purple 2.5 m
Wooden sticks, white 1 pc
Dekolitze zigzag, black 1,5 m
Foam rubber sheet, black 3 pcs
Foam rubber sheet, skin 1 pc
Foam rubber sheet, purple 1 pc
Foam rubber sheet, glitter black 2 pcs

Iron, hot air blower, pencil, Kitchen Knife
Acrylic opaque marker black, white, light blue, purple, pink

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