Dutch DooBaDoo Pronty Dutch Mask type, A5, Circles

Dutch DooBaDoo
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Pronty Dutch Mask type:

A5, 14,8 x 21 cm


Templates / Stencils for backgrounds

Instructions Example picture heart picture:

(1) The Stretcher with Martha Stewart color white and paint the flat brush everywhere.

Allow to dry. Now with orange paint in places once more, sometimes less on the stretcher, so arise lighter and darker shades.

(2) Now set the first Dutch Doobadoo template on the artist's board. Select the first color and paint with little paint on the brush frequently over the stencil. A total of three different places to repeat the technique with the same template and colors. Now all other templates used in succession with the desired colors. Tip: Great effects are achieved when multiple layers are superimposed. Allow to dry.

(3) Next, stamp with the punches at will on the artist's board. The stamped heart in connection with the 2er brush and the color orange, pink, red, dark red and white coloring set for accents.

(4) Halve the styrofoam heart with the cutter and paint them with dark red. Fasten the heart with hot glue to the artist's board after drying. As a finish, the back of the 2er brush dip in white color and pattern the heart with polka dots. Just put little accents on the final image. Now, provided the artist's board on the back with hot glue, put quickly on the stretcher and press firmly.

Our tip:

Provided one or the other heart with our paper sticker lettering, looks very nice!

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