Instructions Decoupage

Basic Instructions:

The base should have a light color, if not as primed with a white acrylic paint. Allow to dry.

The design of the Decoupagebogen cut, apply in water briefly legen.Decoupagekleber on the object and remove the wet motif aufkleben.Mit a wet brush air and water bubbles from the inside out, and then press down with a dry cloth the subject once again firmly.

Depending on the subject, you can still paint with acrylic paint the object. To mix the colors according to the design as using a sponge and dab. Allow everything to dry well and then seal it with the protective coating.

Decoupage on glass:

Brush the plate from the back with the special glass glue glass medium where later the subject is to be glued on. Stick the wet subject so that the subject is on the front of the plate to remove seen ist.Luft and water bubbles as described above. Mix dry lassen.Acrylfarben match the subject and the entire back of the plate with a brush or sponge brush / dab. (If you choose a dark color for the background, check out the design with white paint brush). Allow to dry and repeat the process if necessary, so that the entire surface is completely covered with paint. Drying lassen.Die back of the plate completely seal with the protective coating.

Decoupage on candles:

The dry, cut out design of the rear brush with the special glue candles candles medium. The design on the candle stick and remove air bubbles and water as described. The subject again sprinkle with the candles medium. Allow to dry.

Decoupage on fabric:

Spread out the shirt and determine the point at which the subject is to be glued on. So that the adhesive can not penetrate to the back of the shirt, place a piece of cardboard between the front and back.

Coat the front and back of the cut and dry subject with special fabric adhesive fabric medium and place it on the T-Shirt.Vorsichtig with a cloth the image on the shirt press, ensure that no adhesive comes on the shirt .

The T-shirt 48 hours and then are allowed to dry. Then the subject cover with a cloth and iron on both sides! So that the subject is firmly fixed and can be washed at 30 degrees.

Decoupage with anti-clack:

They have a tray designed to point 5 of the basic instructions. Now the media Krakel Step 1 apply with a soft brush and let dry for 30 minutes. Thereafter, the medium Step 2 evenly. Allow to dry up to 24 hours depending on the outside temperature 12th

There were cracks in the dry season made ​​transparent. To make them visible, rub with a soft cloth, the wax color stencil paint in the cracks in. If you get caught too much wax color (color haze over the entire motif) then take a drop of sewing machine oil on a clean cloth. This allows you to remove color. You should be careful so you do not rub the paint back out from the cracks. After about 12 hours the wax paint is dry and you can seal the object complete with protective varnish.

For all techniques except candles and fabric, the last step is always the protective coating. Before using the object, please let the paint cure completely. Finger dry the paint is already after a few hours but full strength after a few days. That depends very much on the outside temperature, rather wait from 8 days before you use it.

Our protective coating is weather resistant, so you can use the products for outdoor use.

Acrylic paints, glue and Krakelmedium are water soluble so the brushes can be cleaned with water.

The clean paint brush with gasoline or a special brush cleaner.