Decoupage is a popular and simple technique to make home accessories, furniture and much more. Nevertheless, it is not self-explanatory, especially if their related craft techniques come into play: Décopatch, decoupage and Decoupage - all the same or not? Here you'll smarter what application and materials of decoupage and Design possibilities with the technology concerned. The answers to the 10 most important questions about Decoupage shed.

1.) What is decoupage?

Decoupage is a creative art is cut in the paper and then glued to a substrate and is painted over several times. The term comes from French and means "cut" (decoupage). The technique is similar to the decoupage or Décopatch.

2.) How to make Decoupage?

The infographic takes you the basic steps for decoupage. Prepare the ground, on which the paper is to be decorated, in its own discretion. This, however, can also be untreated. The important thing is that everything is clean and free of grease.