cozy craft hours for all ages

cozy craft hours for all ages

Courses in our charming Bastelatelier:

Creative Home Decoration courses are designed for anyone of any age, morning, afternoon or evening and on weekends.

There are many different directions in the field, stamp art, cutting and embossing, MDF, wood, glass, ceramics, textiles, iron, plastic, etc.

Also, old furniture, pots, lamps, mirrors, or you are welcome to bring in order to give these a new, trendy or nostalgic look, for example, with decoupage and Maltechnicken.

To a limited extent, even jewelry can be made.

Courses are instead from a group of five up to maximum 8 persons.

If you have ideas or suggestions, please give us a call.

Woman Hutflies you accompanied at the workshops.

In Franconia 67227

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