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Format 7.62x12.7cm / 3x5inch

Gelli Arts Gel Plates   Are particularly suitable for the production of color and unique monotypes (also called monoprints). This is mostly printed with acrylic paint on paper. But also the printing of textiles or fabric is possible with special fabric acrylic paint. The   Gelli Arts Gel printing plates   Feel gelatine-like, are durable and reusable.

Gelli Arts Gel Plates   - the advantages at a glance

  • Easy to clean
  • Always usable
  • Transportable cable
  • Elastic
  • Can be stored at room temperature

Gelli Arts Gel Plates   Are available in a variety of sizes. At the beginning of the printing process, the acrylic paint is applied to the board. For this purpose, for example, a brush can be used. However, rollers are preferred for the application. The prints can then be painted directly onto the plate or applied using masks and stencils. Now the paper can be printed. There are no limits when experimenting with pressure motifs.

Gelli Arts Gel Plates   - here are some examples with which pressure tolerance

Can be designed

  • Stencils
  • Soft spatula
  • Finished or cut-out papers
  • Grid
  • stamp
  • And much more

Gelli Arts Gel Plates -   Storage & Application

  • Store in the original package
  • Or on a flat, smooth surface
  • Do not store on a porous surface
  • Suitable for acrylic and oil colors
  • Stamp ink discolored permanently
  • Do not use pointed objects
  • Clean after use
  • Do not cover with foil

The   Gelli Arts Gel Plates   Are supplied in material-friendly packaging. After use, they can be easily cleaned with hand soap and water.

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